Have you ever think about how to spin up a lab to try out VMware Networking and Security softwares like NSX, AVI, or maybe SD-WAN or Carbon Black? Other than Hands-on Lab platform, VMware has another platform called VM Test Drive which allow you to spin up lab for a longer time period. VM test drive is basically a SaaS service from VMware which includes some integrations and ready-made use cases. It provides instant access to a NSX, AVI, VMware SD-WAN sandbox, as well as various security related labs.

Who Can Access?

TestDrive is open to:

  • VMware Employees
  • Customers & Prospects
  • VMware Partner
  • vMUG Advantage Members
  • vExperts

Refer to this kb docs to sign up.

How to Access

There are 2 ways to access the lab:

  • Web access
  • Virtual Desktop access

Web Access

For web access, you can launch the lab from the web UI and it will bring you to Workspace One console. Login with your VM TestDrive account.

You will see some lab available in the Workspace One:

Virtual Desktop Access

For Virtual Desktop, you need to download the Horizon client according to your OS. You can download Horizon client from here

When you launch the Horizon client, input horizon.testdrive.vmware.com as the connection server.

Login with your TestDrive account

You can try NSX-T 3.2 directly in TestDrive

You can find the walktrough document as well, and you can explore the feature and function of NSX Security.

You can try AVI in TestDrive

Here is the walkthrough document and you can start to explore AVI.